Friday, December 12, 2008

Macau: New Lunar Lab for Chang'e Data

Anni La, Macau Daily Times

The Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) yesterday held a launching ceremony to unveil the laboratory which is set to study the data collected by the satellite Chang'e 1.

Jointly established by the National Astronomical Observatory and MUST, the lunar and planet exploring collaborative laboratory is going to fulfill three assignments in the coming two years.

Tong Chi Kin, president of Administrative Committee of the Science and Technology Fund, said that establishing such a laboratory in Macau will upgrade the overall science and technology development in the SAR.

He added that the establishment of the laboratory was shown as a remark to make contributions to the motherland and also help rearing the local scientific academics.

Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of China's Lunar Exploration Program said that “we hope to develop a lab which is open, sustainable while having a close connection with the outcome of the lunar exploration, so that it can conduct a high quality research.”

He also went on to say that since the lab was being supported by the Science and Technology Fund, it actually had already laid a “very good” platform to set up the research here in Macau.

According to Tong, the Chang'e 1 's lunar exploration program has been running for over a year and hasn't had any big impediments.

“We also had obtained adequate amount of data and materials that the research needs,” told the chief scientist.

The laboratory will study and analyse data collected from the Chang'e 1 and also establish a close connection with other international laboratories to exchange experiences on the lunar and planet software technology.

Following the launching ceremony, MUST also held a seminar which discussed the “Chang'e lunar exploration data analysis, appliance and study.”