Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Astrobotic to License Access to Lunar Data Library

by David Gump

Astrobotic will execute robotic lunar missions to collect exclusive data needed by space agencies and aerospace firms planning Moon expeditions. Accurate lunar surface data are key to cutting costs, accelerating schedules and enhancing safety.

Planners need a wide variety of information collected on the surface to enhance and confirm the less-detailed orbital observations of today’s lunar satellites. Astrobotic intends to collect these data sets starting in 2010 through a series of robotic missions to those areas on the Moon of high interest. Astrobotic’s missions will be self-financed, so customers pay for data only after it has been successfully collected. This contrasts with the current system of governments funding entire missions and bearing all risks of mission or sensor failure.

Astrobotic will create a “Digital Moon” by developing an integrated lunar library of company-collected data combined with information from open sources. Data types will range from radiation and soil characteristics to the performance of various components and materials in the lunar environment. Data products will range from raw collections to highly processed information solutions that meet our customers’ needs.
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