Thursday, September 29, 2011

Descent of Apollo 11, DAC film compared with LROC NAC using Google Earth lunar digital elevation model

HT to Phil Platt and Scott Hall, Uploaded to YouTube by May 26, 2011.
"You can download my Google Moon KMZ file for import into Google Moon HERE," GTP writes. And "here is the link to my Apollo web site:"

"Footage from the Eagle's movie camera has been matched to deconvolved and/or enhanced versions of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter image M116161085 (left and right NAC image pairs) which were taken by the LRO on December 22, 2009. Google Moon does not have a roll angle feature which would be useful for rolling the point of view. Additionally, Google Moon's digital elevation model is not of a fine enough resolution in order to precisely model the terrain. Thus some of the Google Moon screen captures of the overlaid LRO image may not precisely match the view from the Eagle's video camera."

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