Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two New Google Lunar X-Prize Teams

The two new teams are: Independence-X Aerospace: Independence-X Aerospace is based in Malaysia andis lead by Mohd Izmir Yamin, who has extensive experience in rocketpropulsion and robotic control systems. Independence-X Aerospace iscomposed of team members who have served in various engineering andbusiness fields as professional engineers, technologists and academics.They believe one of their primary advantages is their strategicgeographical location, which they hope will help to reduce launch costs andutilize abundant direct solar reception. The team has also formed anacademic and technical partnership with a Malaysian university, UniversitiTeknologi MARA (UiTM). In addition, the Malaysian Entrepreneurs DevelopmentCenter (MEDEC) will support the team with business advice.

Omega Envoy: Omega Envoy is led by Ruben Nunez, Jason Dunn, and JustinKarl, all students at the University of Central Florida. Their company,Earthrise Space, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that was founded bya group of students and professionals in Central Florida with the commongoal of advancing private and commercial space exploration. The Omega Envoyproject, their entry into the Google Lunar X PRIZE, will help realize thesegoals and expand the horizons of human space exploration. Through outreachto all academic and professional levels, coupled with synergistic businessrelationships, they hope to maintain Florida's position as the global leader in the space industry.

They join the twelve currently registered teams:

Odyssey Moon: Based in the Isle of Man, Odyssey Moon is a privatecommercial lunar enterprise and is developing the "MoonOne (M-1)"spacecraft.

Astrobotic: Based in the United States, Astrobotic is led by Dr. William"Red" Whittaker, winner of the DARPA 2007 Urban Challenge.

Team Italia: Based in Italy, Team Italia involves several Italianuniversities and companies.

Micro-Space: Based in the United States, Micro-Space is a former Ansari XPRIZE competitor and is a current competitor in the Northrop Grumman LunarLander Challenge.

Mystery Team: Google Lunar X PRIZE teams have the option of officiallyregistering but remaining anonymous until July 20, 2009; this team haschosen to keep their identity a secret for the moment.

FREDNET: A multi-national team, FREDNET is a 100% open source team. Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association (ARCA): Based in Valcea,Romania, ARCA is a former Ansari X PRIZE competitor.

LunaTrex: Based in the United States, LunaTrex is developing a craft named"Tumbleweed."

Chandah: Based in the United States, Chandah means "Moon" in Sanskrit. Advaeros: Based in Malaysia, Team Advaeros is led by Hanidy Yusof, whofounded the Malaysian company Advanced Aerospace Industries.

STELLAR: Based in North Carolina and led by Dick Dell, Team STELLAR includes team members from Insight Technologies, the Advanced VehicleResearch Center, and North Carolina State University.

JURBAN: Started in 2000, the Juxtopia® Group, Inc. is led by Dr. Jayfus T.Doswell; the JURBAN team will be made up of professional and studentengineers. More information about each of the teams can be found at

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