Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hubble: Watchful Waiting

Hubble Status: Service Mission Scrubbed until February or April

Engineers are closing in on next Wednesday for the switchover from Side A to Side B of Hubble’s SIC&DH (Science Instrument Command and Data Handling) system.

Due to the complexity of the operation, engineers carried out a “dry run” on paper of procedures on Friday.“HST team is moving forward with plans to take telescope to side B. Campbell independent review (gave) a “go” to dry-run this activity on VEST (their version of SAIL - Shuttle Avionics Integration Lab),” noted Flight Operations and Integration.

“On Monday, HST will brief results and plans to Goddard Center Director. Tuesday, HST will take it to HQ. Wednesday, plan is to have them press on with commanding over to side B. When complete VEST work to take the side B routine over, will start flight qualification work on the new SICBH boxes.”

The results of Wednesday’s switchover will play a major role in the requirements Atlantis will be tasked with, when she eventually launches to service Hubble, next February or April.

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