Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Lunar Quest Program and the International Lunar Network (ILN)

Dr. Barbara A. Cohen
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Lunar Science Workshop 2009, Beijing

The Lunar and Planetary Science group at Marshall provides core capabilities to support the Agency's lunar exploration goals. ILN Anchor Nodes are currently in development by MSFC and APL under the Lunar Quest Program at MSFC.

The Science objectives of the network are to understand the interior structure and composition of the moon. Pre-phase A engineering assessments are complete, showing a design that can achieve the science requirements, either on their own (if 4 launched) or in concert with international partners.

Risk reduction activities are ongoing. The Lunar Quest Program is a Science-based program with the following goals: a) Fly small/medium science missions to accomplish key science goals; b) Build a strong lunar science community; c) Provide opportunities to demonstrate new technologies; and d) Where possible, help ESMD and SOMG goals and enhance presence of science in the implementation of the Vision for Space Exploration.

The Lunar Quest Program will be guided by recommendations from community reports.

Download the Presentation HERE.

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