Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fly me to the Moon

Bob Carlton, standing second from right, was a NASA flight controller for several Apollo missions. At far right is Buzz Aldrin. [NASA]

Nick Thomas
Montgomery Advertiser

As an artist, Myra Lewiski has tackled jewelry designing, antique pottery restoration, metal sculpturing, painting and more. Now, she's turning her talents to writing.

Her first book will be a biography about her brother, Bob Carlton, whose career highlights as a flight controller with NASA include being a part of the team that aided in putting the first man on the moon.

The Johnston Space Center in Houston was an unlikely destination for a kid who grew up working on his grandfather's dairy farm in Rainbow City, just south of Gadsden. Three years older than his sister, Bob was a hard worker who also tackled tough jobs at his uncle's sawmill.

"He worked on cars, trucks and machinery, and really had no interest in space then," said Lewiski from her home in Montgomery, where she has lived since 1971. "But he was a very resourceful boy who learned how to fix things and resolve issues in a practical way while keeping his cool."

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