Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Florida's Space Coast organizes letter-writing effort supporting NASA

The Write Stuff
Orlando Sentinel

Worried about the future of the space program? Concerned about the pending los of thousands of jobs at Kennedy Space Center when the space shuttle is retired? Eager to hold President Barack Obama to his campaign promise to fund an "ambitious" space program and to protect workers at KSC?

Write a letter.

Brevard County Commissioner Robin Fisher, along with a host of space-related groups, is launching a website called SaveSpace.US with letter templates, a copy of Obama's August 2008 speech in Titusville, a map of the counties affected by the space program and a list of participating organizations. The website will allow Floridians to letters to Obama reminding him of his words, and encouraging him to consider the recommendations of the Augustine Commission to provide $3 billion a year in additional manned-space funding for NASA.

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