Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NASA LCROSS Observation site now available

To all LCROSS Google Group Members,

Since the storage capacity of the LCROSS Google Groups for large files and images is limited, a new site has been created to gather photos, exposure information, comments etc. related to the LCROSS IMPACT. The NASA site is now available at:


You will have to "Sign In" and "Register for an Account" the first time in.

LCROSS Google Groups will REMAIN the primary tool for discussions (and there have been some great ones!)

Please continue to use Google Groups as you have been. However, pre-impact data and photos that have been posted on Google Groups may find use on the new site. I ask that Google Group Members that have posted relevant photos and information now re-post some of their info to the new site. Please constrain the information to impact-relevant content -- i.e. South Pole images, not North Pole, etc.

There are some issues with remote moderation of the site. For the next few days, please try one or two posts only and give us time to work the system. All posts are moderated (at present), and we do not want to overwhelm the moderators. Be patient -- your posts will show
on the site soon.

A blog on the new site is available, as are comments. Again, this Google Groups site has worked quite well for the discussions, so I would urge you to keep using it as the primary method for
disseminating information.

We have not yet decided how to handle VIDEO imaging most efficiently. NASA-Ames personnel are working that issue. More on that later.

Feel free to contact me directly or make a post if you have any questions.

Rick Baldridge

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