Monday, June 11, 2012

ISRU: NASA KSC prototype rover photo op

From the Hawai'i summer season of 2011, NASA and academia will continue the methodical testing and development of semi-autonomous and robust robotic rovers will continue this year [NASA].
An excellent overview of a recent lunar analog study, released (PDF) May 2012
Desert Research and Technology Studies (DRATS) 2009: A 14-Day Evaluation of the
SpaceExploration Vehicle Prototype in a Lunar Analog Environment

Abercromby, Gernhardt and Litaker, JSC

Media are invited to a briefing and photo opportunity Tuesday, June 12, at the Press Site television auditorium at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida to view a prototype of a lunar prospecting mission.

The Regolith and Environment Science and Oxygen and Lunar Volatile Extraction, or RESOLVE, consists of a lunar rover and drill provided by the Canadian Space Agency to support a NASA payload that is designed to prospect for water, ice and other lunar resources. RESOLVE also will demonstrate how future explorers can take advantage of resources at potential landing sites by manufacturing oxygen from soil.

Journalists will have an opportunity to photograph the hardware, as well as interview NASA and Canadian Space Agency officials.

NASA will be conducting field tests in July outside of Hilo, Hawaii, with equipment and concept vehicles that demonstrate how explorers might prospect for resources and make their own oxygen for survival while on other planetary bodies.

Journalists without Kennedy accreditation must apply for credentials by 4 p.m. June 11. International media accreditation for this event is closed. Badges for this specific event can be picked up at Kennedy's Badging Office on State Road 405. Media must apply for credentials online at:

For more information about NASA's exploration plans, visit:

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