Monday, June 4, 2012

The partial eclipse of the Moon from lunar orbit

The view from low lunar orbit. The partial eclipse of the Moon June 4, 2012 may not have seemed very dramatic, for those living along the Pacific Rim fortunate enough to see it, but this line up of nodes and crossings became a solar eclipse when viewed from the Moon using Martin Schweiger's priceless Orbiter Simulator (2010 P1) program. On the left Venus closes in for it's June 5 transit. The angle above was weaved from a perspective 70 kilometers over the Moon's western limb timed at 0946 UT, June 4, 2012 [Orbiter 2010 P1/Martin Schweiger].
Sequential HDTV stills capture a total eclipse of the Sun (a dramatic 2009 total eclipse of the Moon for those of us still on Earth), from Japan's lunar orbiter SELENE-1 (Kaguya) [JAXA/NHK/SELENE].


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T-ara‘s Soyeon has reportedly been involved in a car accident and has been sent to the emergency room.

While traveling down to Busan on August 13th at approximately 7:00 AM for the shooting of her drama ‘Haeundae Lovers‘, her vehicle slipped on the rainy road and hit the guard rail twice before flipping on its side.

Other than Soyeon, two stylists were passengers in the vehicle. All passengers were taken to the emergency room and underwent CT and X-ray scans.
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“Due to the sudden rain, the car must have slipped. The managers are now hurrying to the scene of the incident,” said a representative for Core Contents Media. “Since the car has flipped over, this incident seems bigger than we anticipated. The 119 response team responded at the scene and transported everyone to the emergency room.”

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BEAST Yang Yoseob has shed tears during the recordings of “Hello”.

A representative from KBS2 “Hello” had revealed on the 14th of August, that Beast were invited as special guests on “Hello”. During the recordings, BEAST member Yang Yoseob, shed tears when talking about dreams to be singers.

According to that representative, “When aspiring singers talked about their singing dreams, and how it’s hard to chase them and expressed their sad thoughts of giving this dream up, Yang Yoseob was seen choking with tears”. Yang Yoseob was also a singer who faced many setbacks before he managed to debut. Because of this, he could understand the feelings of those who aspires to be singers, hence the tears.Austin Apartments
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Yang Yoseob even had times where he wanted to give up on his dreams, but he held on and came to his current agency with Lee Kikwang. Eventually, he became a part of BEAST.

It was also reported that BEAST officials couldn’t hide their surprise when they heard that the usual-manly Yoseob cried during the recording process.

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