Monday, January 28, 2013

Location selection and layout for LB10, a lunar base at the Lunar North Pole with a liquid mirror observatory

LROC Wide Angle Camera (WAC) Shaded DTM of the Moon's highest northern latitudes, with the preferred location of a proposed telescope base marked, supported by ten personnel (LB10) [NASA/GSFC/DLR/Arizona State University].
Emmanouil Detsis, Ondrej Doule, Aliakbar Ebrahimi
International Space University (ISU)
Acta Astronautica, 2013

We present the site selection process and urban planning of a Lunar Base for a crew of 10 (LB10), with an infrared astronomical telescope, based on the concept of the Lunar LIquid Mirror Telescope. LB10 is a base designated for permanent human presence on the Moon. 

The base architecture is based on utilization of inflatable, rigid and regolith structures for different purposes. The location for the settlement is identified through a detailed analysis of surface conditions and terrain parameters around the Lunar North and South Poles. 

A number of selection criteria were defined regarding construction, astronomical observations, landing and illumination conditions. The location suggested for the settlement is in the vicinity of the North Pole, utilizing the geographical morphology of the area. The base habitat is on a highly illuminated and relatively flat plateau. The observatory in the vicinity of the base, approximately 3.5 kilometers from the Lunar North Pole, inside a crater to shield it from Sunlight. An illustration of the final form of the habitat is also depicted, inspired by the baroque architectural form.

Preview the article and illustrations, HERE.

Fig. 7. Telescope location I with additional sintered structures. The coordinates of the crater are 89.9°N, 147.34°E.

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