Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Hasselblad

By the end of Project Mercury, Hasselblad cameras such as this one, used in the Apollo 11 command module, became the standard for still photography on American space missions.  Known for their high quality construction and ease of use, the electric Swedish-made cameras featured a motor-driven mechanism that prepared the film and shutter when the camera was activated. Hasselblad cameras could be modified for use inside the spacecraft or on the lunar surface, with easily detachable black and white or color film magazines.

HT: Gerald at KA-CHING!

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Anonymous said...

No photographic film has ever been invented that can withstand the temperature range on the Moon.

There was no heat protection for the Hasselblad cameras for the temperatures on the moon of plus 100 degrees C to minus 100 degrees C. There was also no high-frequency radiation protection for the cameras.

The Apollo moon landings were the first global TV hoax; 9/11 was the second.