Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kaguya's digital elevation model as fine wall art

"Mare Orientale," is both title and subject of this 96.5 centimeter-wide, three-panel work carved in Sapele, a 'flesh-colored African wood.' Sirsalis is easy enough to pick out, at lower right, along with other highlights of west central Procellarum, and westward along the north east quadrant of Orientale. The work is said to have 'has an opalescent grain,' the highlights of which 'shimmer as the viewer passes by,' writes Craig Dorety, the artist who currently has this and similar works based on the Kaguya (SELENE-1) digital elevation model on exhibition until August 17 [Photographed by Susan Fowler].
Xeni Jardin
San Francisco-based artist Craig Dorety has a series of carvings that "represent segments of the moon's surface as found in the topograhical data from JAXA's Kayuga mission."

"Painstaking attention is paid to the relationship of crater groups in the composition of each carving," Craig explains. "Areas of special interest have a natural balance of crater to sea; rough to gentle in texture."

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