Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aldrin speaks to large crowd in Rockford, Illinois

Buzz Aldrin in Rockford, Illinois, September 17, 2012 [WREX-TV 13].
Matt Groves

An American icon finds his way to the Rockford area to show support for the Winnebago County Salvation Army.

The star struck audience listened to every word as a man who has walked amongst the stars, Buzz Aldrin, gave a detailed account of his lunar landing and life after the spotlight.

"It was 66 year from the Wright brothers to Neil and I landing on the moon," remembered Aldrin.

As Buzz Aldrin recalls his experience before, during and after his moonwalk, some listeners wonder what it was like living during such a monumental moment in American and World history.

Others reach back in their memories pulling out their own special piece of what happened during the first moon landing.

"Everybody seemed happy, everybody seemed to be very excited.  Something that had never been done before was being done.  Didn't realize until years later, the magnitude of that feat," said Rudy Valdez.

Rudy Valdez has met Aldrin before.  He works with many astronauts through United Technologies, formerly Hamilton Sunstrand.

He says Aldrin brings more than just a story to the table.

Read the article and view the video, HERE.

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