Friday, August 31, 2012

One of us...

Neil Armstrong Memorial: A photograph of Neil Armstrong displayed on a table during a memorial service celebrating his life, Friday, Aug. 31, 2012, at the Camargo Club in Cincinnati. Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died Saturday, Aug. 25. He was 82 [NASA/Bill Ingalls].
Statio Tranquillitatis - The artifacts of Apollo 11 and man's first footprints, including the stroll by Neil Armstrong to the rim of the crater where he successfully avoided landing, July 20, 1969. LROC Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) observation opportunity M175124932R, LRO orbit 10942, November 5, 2011; full resolution scaled to 40 cm per pixel, angle of incidence 40.98° from an altitude of 24.03 kilometers [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

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