Saturday, February 11, 2012

Support a startling and new 3D Moon map

Help "Kickstart" the wide distribution and availability of this excellent piece of work, a 3D map of the Moon that represents a substantial improvement over the famous (and incomplete) National Geographic lunar map first sent to Society members in March 1970.
Lunar observers who devote much time online are already aware of the existence of a new anaglyph 3D Moon map because of the efforts of Dave Mosher for Wired via Charles A. Wood's essential "Lunar Picture of the Day."

As Chuck wrote very early February 11, "The Wired Science website just featured this stereo image of the Tycho ... region of the Moon.

"Jeffrey Ambroziak created the 3-D image from LRO digital terrain data by constructing red and blue anaglyph images from two slightly different perspectives. He and his father patented a new technique to create stereo images that work when viewed from nearly any angle or distance.

"As I have mentioned before, I can't see stereo so get out your red-blue glasses and send me your comments on how it works. Is it better than LRO anaglyph images by Maurice Collins and others?"

Echoing Dave Mosher's comments for Wired, this is a remarkable and very useful piece of work set up in such a way that everyone can both contribute and benefit.

View Dave Mosher's report on the Ambroziak 3D map HERE.

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