Monday, February 27, 2012

Research scientist openings at JPL

Clive R. Neal
University of Notre Dame

The Planetary Science Section at JPL, based in Pasadena, CA, is looking to fill two positions for researchers in areas relevant to future Martian sample return missions. The first position is for study in the area of mineralogy, petrology and/or meteoritics. The research is expected to further knowledge of petrogenetic processes throughout the Solar System. Advanced scientific knowledge of petrology, mineralogy, and/or meteoritics is expected. The ability to use analytical and theoretical approaches to solving problems related to the origin and evolution of igneous rocks and/or extraterrestrial samples is essential.

The second position is for a researcher within the area of organic geochemistry with a strong focus on geobiological and/or astrobiological investigations. The researcher will possess expertise in those areas related to the origin and significance of organic material in terrestrial and extraterrestrial geological samples. Themes of study are expected to include the origin and evolution of life on Earth, the study of extraterrestrial organic compounds, and/or the recognition of biosignatures in returned Solar System samples.

It is expected that both positions will pursue new mission and/or instrument opportunities through advocacy and outreach within the scientific and stakeholder community. This pursuit will involve working closely with science and engineering teams at JPL to design Solar System sample return and planetary exploration missions and instrumentation. The candidates are expected to have a PhD along with advanced knowledge and demonstrated experience in conceiving, defining, and conducting independent scientific research. Both positions include significant start up packages. Both positions offer a competitive salary and impressive benefits with a renowned leader in Planetary Science.

To view the full job descriptions and apply to these positions, please visit:, (see Requisitions #10654 and #10655). Applications will be reviewed as they are received, and should include a curriculum vitae, a career statement with research objectives and contact information for three professional references. JPL/Caltech is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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