Monday, June 1, 2009

Sky's the limit for space tourism

Patrick Peterson, Florida Today

"The future of the space tourism industry could lie in places like Titusville, where an imaginative project will never launch a rocket."

"A leading theme at the summit, organized by Boeing Co., was space travel as entertainment. The concept is a familiar one to Walt Disney Co., whose theme parks feature the thrill ride Space Mountain, a space-themed roller coaster, and Mission Space, which mimics a trip to Mars in 5.5 minutes.

"I expect that we will be going to space soon," Luc Mayrand, senior show producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, said. "Staying in a hotel in space, that's going to happen eventually."

"While NASA's trips to space are about science, safety and exploration, Disney and other entrepreneurial companies can be expected to focus on fun when they begin space travel."

"We want our guests to have an emotional experience," Mayrand said. "It's really about the joy of going to space. It only fits the context of entertainment if they have a great time."

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