Friday, April 4, 2008

Stunning Quiet

Somewhere, a Lunar conference is happening I didn't even have a chance to turn down an invitation to, perhaps a Round Table of players meeting to discuss new strategies to deal with the yawning Gap (between my nose and chin) where a stern news embargo has yet to be lifted.

Regardless, (or perhaps to increase my optimization relevance "irregardless," - see, the spellchecker didn't even warn me, as my father always did, that "irregardless isn't a word!) - I've never needed a rocket scientist to tell me the simple use or non-use of the personal pronoun is the reason why postings on this site are not triggering the spyder bots to rank my fascinating and feverish work on the Lunar Networks blog isn't considered worthy of a Google Alert.

(Psst. - Don't tell anyone, but this was intentional... that's right intentional)

This blog, as most who've read it have known for a while, has been meant for an exclusive audience, and with good reason. In my line of Subcontracted Indentured Servitude, or "SIS," what I've been doing here has been meant for honorary and less-honorable Permanent Members of the Lunar Pioneer consortium, a both very old and very new space venture in need of a fellow Member's summarizing of NewSpace and other developments relating specifically toward our ultimate goal: Earth's Moon.

And no, we have considered and rejected Google Lunar X-Prize team-ship. We admire those who have, however, and will continue to feature them prominently, but we've a "Catch and Release" strategy at Lunar Pioneer, and we'll be explaining this and other concepts as the personal pronoun embargo is lifted, and only four days past schedule.

A certain nominal period of a "live fire testing" was needed, and as everyone but NASA understands, when you are engaged in an experiment which could go either way, you don't necessarily invite an audience. That experiment has gone well, however, and as we pick up speed with this and our real endeavors at Lunar Pioneer, the Lunar Networks experiment has been unanimously slated for more public attention.

So, by decree, Lunar Networks, to retain its status as "Official Blog" of Lunar Pioneer I am required to include at least one or two personal pronouns in each posting for a time.

Of course, we'll keep you "posted" as to the results.