Saturday, April 12, 2008

MarsDrive-Moon Society collaborate

"Recently the Moon Society and MarsDrive started a new project to collaborate with each other more and this started with the "Railroading On The Moon and Mars" project. Transportation on these new worlds could greatly accelerate the process of human settlement so if you have a passion for trains or future transportation systems feel free to join the Moon Society and MarsDrive in this project. MarsDrive agrees with The Moon Society when they say- " An organization that is much smaller than its goals and ambitions can magnify and accelerate its effectiveness by collaborating with other organizations on issues and goals that they share in common."

"MarsDrive calls again on all space organizations to more effectively join together so that we can better achieve our goals no matter how diverse they are because while we differ on specifics and locations, we remain a relatively small interest group when compared to the larger "causes" today such as community charities and environmental groups."

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