Saturday, April 12, 2008

'Apollo 13' History becomes legend

Vanja Deželić Javno

This Day in History:

Only 9 months after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the Moon`s surface, giving the United States of America their first space triumph over Russia, it was decided that Apollo 13 expedition is to head for the Moon.

The crew members were: Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert and they were launched for the Fra Mauro Lunar crater on April 11 from Cape Kennedy, Florida.

Their space flight became most famous for the tragedy which followed. The problems began at 320,000 km away from Earth, as Apollo 13 started coming closer to the Moon`s trajectory.

Houston, we`ve had a problem!

Okay, Houston, we've had a problem here! – Swigert said as an oxygen tank exploded and gas started leaking out. His sentence remained history and is used today when we want to tell someone about an event that has happened or is happening.

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