Friday, April 25, 2008

China unveils lunar rover prototype


Xinhua - Chinese scientists and engineers have built prototypes of the country's planned lunar rover module, the science and technology commission of Shanghai said Wednesday.

The city's lunar rover research team has made models of different types and conducted feasibility and technological trials.

The Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology has made significant progress in key technologies for the locomotion system, it said.

China launched its first lunar probe, Chang'e I, in October last year. The country plans to land its first lunar rover on the moon by 2013.

Engineers unveil China moon rover -

The 1.5m (5ft) high, 200kg (440lbs) rover should transmit video in real time, dig into and analyse soil, and produce 3D images of the lunar surface.

China is working on a three-stage plan for exploration of the Earth’s Moon, which includes sending a lunar orbiter called Chang’e-1 some time this year.

This will be followed by a soft landing in 2012 and the return of lunar samples in another five years.The US has outlined its vision for the exploration of the Moon, which will involve returning humans to the lunar surface by 2020.

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