Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lunar Module replica to fetch X-Prize

Word from Edward Peyer and the SpaceTraveler's Blog that plans are underway to actually build and equip a replica of an Apollo Lunar Module for a return to the Moon in 2010, after a fortieth anniversary tour of the United States in 2009.

Construction would be done by volunteers in front of PBS cameras near Washington, D.C. beginning in October.

From the platform, organizers intend to complete the requirements necessary to bring home the Google Lunar X-Prize, all of which would require a lot of new and modern body work, modern electronics, and a robotic rover, guidance, power systems, and more.

Chance are it will weigh quite a bit less than an original LM, even when accounting for the lack of human cargo.

Not a bad plan, really. You can bet the computers will be a lot more reliable and cheaper, ironically dependent on innovations made possible by the original.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs: Please credit the photograph of our lunar module replica to WonderWorks Inc. and as used in Apollo 13. The picture was shot on Universals back lot. It can be viewed at