Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Michael Griffin Redux

Faithfully reporting in from the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference sponsored by the LPSI, Star Stryder (Dr. Pamela L. Gay) comments on remarks by NASA chief Michael Griffin, "the only thing between us and dinner."

"Now, Griffin – acknowledging he is the only thing between us and dinner – is starting with a reference to Kennedy and his vision of going to the Moon. He is pointing out that today’s politicians aren’t know for their stirring oratories, but he is looking for other people to be our inspiration. It is a NASA one, US one, inspiration – In the eyes of the world first in space means first, period; second in space is second in everything. He is praising the Lunar and Planetary Institute (the host organization for this meeting) for its work to promote and carry out projects beyond Earth’s orbit."

The total of an informative read HERE.