Saturday, March 22, 2008

SpaceDev Awarded International Space Station Contract

Resupply Program will Provide Subsystems for Japanese H2 Transfer Vehicle

POWAY, CA – SpaceDev has been awarded a contract from IHI-Aerospace (Japan) to manufacture multiple flight ship-sets of precision space mechanisms for the H2 Transfer Vehicle (HTV). Included are low-shock release devices used to restrain the HTV’s exposed cargo pallet during launch, and release it on orbit for transfer to the International Space Station. The contract also calls for SpaceDev to supply high-output paraffin release mechanisms and a brush motor. Hardware for operational HTV spacecraft will be delivered over the next six years.

“We are very pleased to announce this contract win which is one of the Company’s largest in recent years. Our release mechanisms utilize our exclusively licensed Fast Acting Shock-less Separation Nut (FASSN) technology”, said Mark N. Sirangelo, SpaceDev’s Chairman and CEO. “Our FASSN has the ability to release very high loads with low shock levels, and we believe it has already proven itself as the technology of choice for spacecraft/launch vehicle separations, being adopted by launch vehicle suppliers such as United Launch Alliance, Sea Launch, and most recently Arianne. With the upcoming retirement of the Shuttle, alternate sources of resupply to the International Space Station are becoming increasingly important, which we believe will lead to a long life for this program. We are honored to be supporting IHI-Aerospace (Japan) in this effort.”

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