Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Miss the 39th LPSC? Catch up on the web.

I know I regret missing the 39th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, in League City. I'm very grateful to Bloggers like Star Stryder (Dr. Pamela L. Gay) and many others, who I intend to spend some time reading this coming long weekend.

Meanwhile, some of the Space Science ODT has surfaced, and SciAm has on tap a PodCast of a heavily redacted version of NASA Admin Michael Griffin's lecture to participants up online.

I'm assured you may view him HERE.

And when I say information on tap, I'm always reminded of that feeling I have when trying to get a "comprehensive" view of something, such as the LPSC, of a hope I might have of getting a sip of water from a firehose.

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