Monday, August 10, 2009

Lunar Commercialization Workshop

Updated 26 July 2010 1315 UT
Free-return trajectory approach of notional Single-Stage to Lunar Transfer Orbit (SSLTO) space shuttle, after 120-hour coast, the two-man vehicle is aligned for a lunar orbit insertion maneuver, enabilng an immediate landing near Reiner Gamma after 3/4 of a full orbit; Time: the not-to-distant future. (Lunar Pioneer/OrbiterSim 2006 P-1)

Gary Martin
NASA Ames Research Center

Brief, 12-slide presentation describing goals and rules of the workshop on Lunar Commercialization, Space Studies Program (SSP-09) in Barcelona, August 1.

The goal of the workshop was to explore the viability of using public-private partnerships to open the new space frontier. The bulk of the workshop was a team competition to create a innovative business plan for the commercialization of the moon.

The public private partnership concept is reviewed and "open architecture," as an infrastructure for potential, external cooperation.

Download PowerPoint presentation, converted to pdf, HERE.

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