Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Does NASA sees salvation in ESA support for Shack Scenario?

Heads up from Rob Coppinger and Hyperbola

Video Link. Looks very much like the ESA is either an unofficial or seriously notional part of NASA's vision for the Shackelton SPA Lunar Outpost, or that's the way it appears in these videos uncovered by Rob Coppinger at Hyperbola. EU individual member states have already started committing to joining NASA in building the International Lunar Network.

Will this partnership naturally extend to the NASA's "semi-permanent" manned outpost, and its construction on the Shackleton sweet spot inside South Pole Aitken Basin ~2020?

Is tying NASA's long-term plans to US foreign policy the way to solve the short-term budgeting hassle tha is part and parcel of US congressional election cycles?

Or are these videos purely notional fantasies, or just part of Langley's long term sales?

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