Saturday, May 10, 2008

Betatronix gets space kudos

Gary Dymski

Betatronix LLC, a Hauppauge-based custom builder of potentiometers, received a thank-you from NASA yesterday for its work on the Mars Rover project about four years ago.

The company built potentiometers for the Rover project, which in January celebrated a fourth anniversary on Mars, said Joseph Yanosik, Betatronix's director of sales engineering. Potentiometers are position indicators that monitor feedback on movable parts in space. Betatronix makes the devices for the space and defense industries.

Humna Khan, NASA supplier outreach administrator, presented Betatronix chief executive Michael Ryan with a panoramic photo of the Mars surface with the Betatronix name in the foreground, Yanosik said.

The company was started in 1966 by Joseph Yanosik Sr., who was in charge of Betatronix when it supplied the Rover program.