Tuesday, January 27, 2015

GLXP Milestone Prizes to five teams

Google has announced a list of Milestone prizes in the Google Lunar X Prize competition. Five teams have won prizes, thus far totaling $5.25 million for demonstrated proficiency in Landing, Mobility, and Imaging.

Awards in Imaging and Mobility were announced in December. On Monday, Pittsburgh-based Astrobotic of Carnegie Mellon University tops this latest list adding up $1.75 million in prize money across all categories.

Astrobotic, Team Indus and Moon Express were each previously awarded $1 million in the Landing column, adding to $500,000 for Mobility also awarded Astrobotic last month, together with Japan's Team Hakuto and Germany's Part-Time Scientists and $250,000 for Imaging each to Astrobotic, and Part-Time Scientists and Moon Express.

Astrobotic Technology's Red Rover concept, ultimately selected by Popular Science as one of the 100 Best Innovations of 2011, part of their design system in the heating-up contest to win the Google Lunar X-Prize [Astrobotic Technology, Inc.].

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