Thursday, June 16, 2011

LROC 6th Planetary Data System Release

Remembering where we parked. - Together with Charlie Duke, John Young (who later piloted the first Space Shuttle flight) brought the Apollo 16 lunar module down on the plain northwest of the Descartes Formation "a little long," or west of the center of the mission's landing ellipse. The LM Descent Stage exhaust blew the relatively darkened, optically mature immediate surface dust away, exposing a halo of slightly lighter material. Their foot and rover wheel trails left behind during their 1972 expedition, nearer the lander, in turn churned darker materials back into the sunlight, making their distinct sign clearly visible nearly 45 kilometers overhead in this image captured by the LROC Narrow Angle Camera last November [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Drew Morgan
LROC News System

The 6th LROC Planetary Data System (PDS) release includes images acquired between 16 December 2010 and 15 March 2011. This release includes 66,416 EDR images totaling 8.9 Tbytes and 66,414 CDR images totaling 19 Tbytes worth of data.

The archive can be accessed here.

The LROC Team also made an update to its Reduced Data Record (RDR) release, adding 13 NAC_ROI (Narrow Angle Camera Region of Interest) mosaics.

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